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New Year’s Eve dinner


The heat is up, as New Year’s Eve is coming closer. The menu has been finalized, with some last doubts about dessert.
This is what will be served:

  • Antipasto misto
    • Insalata di farro, sedano e gamberetti
    • Peperoni arrostiti con capperi
    • Bresaola con rucola e scaglie di Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Zuppa di pesce
  • Fagiono con lenticchie in umido
  • Verdure d’inverno al forno con salvia e aglio
  • Macedonia di frutta
  • Tortino al cioccolato dal cuore morbido
The chocolate cake “with a melting heart” (aka molten chocolate cake) is a first try.  No doubt that this is absolutely fabolous, but it can be quite tricky to get it right.  As it should be served warm (or tepid) it means that you cannot prepare it beforehand. It seems however that you can make the batter, pour it into the individual ramekins and then store them in the freezer.  You put them directly from the freezer in the preheated oven, and after 10 minutes they’re ready to be served.  The fact that the batter is frozen keeps the interior soft and runny.  Or so far the theory goes.  If everything goes horribly wrong, then dinner will end with the fruit salad, which is not too bad.
Wishing all of you that will be cooking tomorrow lots of fun and success, and remember, enjoy the food and the company!

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