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Blog action day 2008: food and poverty

When one thinks about “real” poverty, three things spring to mind: no shelter, no health care and above all, no food.
Having no food available, or not the means to buy some is as poor as you can get, often with bad health or even death as a result.
Although this is a problem of all ages, it is strange that in a world where some parts enjoy unlimited choice and abundance, other parts of the world do not have anything at all.
This unequality even gets more perverse if you look at the acual financial crisis: billions of dollars of taxpayers money are being poured into a system that is corrupt to the bones. Imagine what could be done to solve the problem of hunger with this money.
So, what can be done?
Most people in the Western world do not have financial problems to feed themselves. Feeding an extra person would not have a big impact on most household budgets.
So, here’s a suggestion: calculate what you spend on average on food consumption per person on a yearly basis, and donate this amount to an organisation that helps fight hunger.
And if you cannot really afford to lose this money, consider lending it to an organisation such as Kiva.
By doing so, you will have the knowledge that you’re feeding one hungry person somewhere.

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