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Farming with nature – farming for life

In January 2008, nothing less but the future of agriculture is up for debate: after three years of work, the UN Agriculture Assessment will finally be adopted by governments in Nairobi in January next year. This Assessment stakes stock of the current situation of agriculture worldwide, its problems and dead ends as well as positive developments and solutions. The final report of the UN Ag Assessment is likely to become a key reference point for future national and international investments in agricultural research. So far the scientists clearly spelled out the problems and limits of industrial agriculture with its vast emissions of greenhouse gases, its destruction of natural resources such as soil and water, and its failure to meet the needs of local communities for livelihoods and food security. But government and industry spin doctors are already on their way to turn the scientist’s findings upside down and promote industrial agriculture with its fertilizers, pesticides, genetic engineering and other destructive inputs. From 17 September – 22 October 2007, the final draft of the report is up for public comments, before governments will negotiate the final text in January 2008.

You can consult the IAASTD: International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development website, or read the report here.  You can react individually or sign the Greenpeace petition.

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